TV Guide magazine and BTS video.

Our lovely couple made the cover of TV Guide Magazine and it’s straight out of a ROMANCE novel. SO beautiful.



Image credit: TV Guide.

Find the behind the scenes photos here.

BTS video of the shoot here:

Can they BE more beautiful!? I really don’t think so.


We have BRIANNA !!!

My friends, Brianna Randall Fraser has been FOUND!!!

She will be played by the STUNNING Sophie Skelton.


**Photo credit Starz

I’ve never been a huge fan of book Bree (seems to be a popular opinion) but I’m really excited to see if Sophie is more likable and relatable than “book Bree” was to me. Lord knows she is much more beautiful than the Bree in my head!

Now before everyone starts whining and complaining about her eye color, her skin color, her height, etc. If she can act, if she can make you forget you’re watching a tv show and just transport you to Outlander world, do you REALLY care? I know I don’t. If she embodies the character the best, then that’s who I want to play her.

Want to see her show reel?

IMDB: Click Here

All of the reports you could possibly want to read about the announcement:



Access Hollywood


I’m really looking forward to how Season 2 is shaping up. Now just waiting on that premiere date.

Outlander Season 2

Hello all!!!

I know I’ve been pretty MIA for Droughtlander, but I’m back and will be so for all of season two!! To kick things off lets watch this newly released teaser.

We’ve heard that the press have seen the the actual trailer for season 2, and some have seen episode ONE of season 2. No premiere date yet. Will keep this page posted.

Also – let’s regretfully update that Outlander did not win the Golden Globes it was up for but what an absolutely joy for them to be nominated. So fun to see them all dressed up! Here are some videos of interviews about and at the GG’s.

Our other HUGE NEWS is the Richard Rankin was cast as Roger Wakefield. I have been pulling for that for over a YEAR. Since I first clapped eyes on Richard. He’s going to be magnificent!!

I mean….

So excited for season 2!!!

Episode 111 – Preview and Clips

I’m out of town so behind on my recap of last week’s episode, but here are the preview’s and clips released for tomorrow’s episode. Which I am SO EXCITED about. Some of my favorite parts of the book!

You can also find another sneak peek HERE.

Geillis is one of my favorite characters because she’s so mysterious (and I have a thing for witches) so I didn’t think I could love her more until LOTTE got cast. Good God that woman brings such an ethereal quality to the role. She’s like a Fae herself.