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Welcome and Hello!

Outlander 2014

This blog is brand new and started on a whim after coming home from the San Diego Comic Con’s World Premiere of Outlander. My husband and I were on the plane back home from the premiere and a man stopped me to ask about my¬†Outlander shirt. Afterwards my husband said, in joking that I’m an Outlander Evangelist. “Do you have a few moments to talk about Outlander?” “Where will you be on August 9th?” It’s true, I could talk about Outlander (the books and the show) as long as you please, so I guess it was time I started my own blog. At the vest least, to spare those tired of my talking about it.

This will be a place for me to chronicle my trips, experiences, and anything and all things to do with the show or the books of Outlander.