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Outlander crafting

Once this show came out with some of the promotional images like these:




Both images credit here.

I knew I was DOOMED with love for all those knitted pieces! I didn’t know how to knit, can crochet just a bit, but I wanted them. I’m always up for learning new things; I’ve basically taught myself how to sew, and if there is a youtube video for it, I can do it!

Recently, I’ve been coveting Claire’s knitted mitts. Last week’s Episode 103 had some that looked super easy:

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 7.54.23 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 7.54.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 7.53.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 7.53.30 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 7.52.56 PM

I figured I could probably make those. Easy enough, they don’t have thumb holes, and these specific ones didn’t even have cables (several of the other ones I’ve seen her wear do!).

So I took to youtube and to my trusty local yarn/knitting store and got some great guidance and advice. I highly recommend if you are learning to knit to talk to your local knitters. They were so helpful in calming me down, giving me a pep talk, and sending me on my way. I got set up with the right needles, the right yarn, an easy pattern, and off I went.

photo 2  photo 3photo 4photo 5

I immediately got home and got started. I had almost finished one mitt and realized I had dropped a stitch halfway. I wasn’t liking how it was going so I yanked the whole thing out and started again. In a few days, I had two almost perfect wrist warmers!

Leave it to Outlander to inspire ME to start knitting. I was so surprised with how to easy it was and I plan to try that gorgeous cowl next!

photo 2photo (3)photo 1

Now all I need is for fall to arrive.

What crafty thing has Outlander inspired you to do?




New Clips for Outlander, Episode 103 “The Way Out”

Several people I know avoid new clips before the episode airs like the plague. I am unfortunately NOT one of those people as I lack the ability to not click on Outlander things.

Yesterday, E!Online released a new clip with Frank and Claire from the war.

You can watch it here and have ALL the feels. 

Then today Starz released these new clips.

I mean, really, that last one? SWOON away, I dare you not to click it. 🙂

And another!


Outlander Episode 102 Castle Leoch

Outlander Episode 102 “Castle Leoch” was another home run for the Starz series.

Instead of writing out my long winded recap, here is a hilarious one that basically says everything I’d want to say anyway.

So since that recap covers the high points, let’s talk about my favorite parts!

First, I am absolutely loving the flashbacks. With Frank, with Jenny and Black Jack Randall and Jamie. I think they add so much to the story.

Second, let’s talk about that Claire hair! They have NAILED IT. As someone with Claire hair herself, this is spot on how it looks when I get up in the morning. (especially if I’d been riding a horse in the rain all night)

photo 3 photo 1 (1) photo 2

Finally, I absolutely adored the dressing scene with Mrs. Fitz. It really highlighted the amazing costumes that Terry has designed as well and showing how LONG and cumbersome getting dressed was! (not to say I wouldn’t want to dress in 18th century wear, I absolutely would! Give me a corset and a bum roll any day!)

photo 1 (2) photo 4 (1) photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)


But what about JAMIE they say!!! Oh yeah, he was great too. 😉 I think that Sam Heughan just keeps hitting it out of the part with his portrayal of Jamie. Working with the horses was exactly what I had in my head and boy does he have a mesmerizing smile…

You can already see the trust and even a friendship blooming between he and Claire and this is the basis for everything that is yet to come. Can not wait until next week’s episode!

…and to see what’s up with that scene with Mrs. Fitz!




Outlander Premiere Party

On the night of Episode 102 I am finally uploading pictures from our premiere party for Episode 101!

My aunt was kind and generous enough to host the party. I originally gave her Outlander (evangelist you know) and she in turn gave copies and spread the good word to her friends as well. We had a couple husbands wear kilts, I ordered a cake and we got this party started!

IMG_7010 IMG_7012 IMG_7013 IMG_7018 IMG_7019 IMG_7020 IMG_7021 IMG_7032 IMG_7026 IMG_7045 IMG_7047

We had amazing food, and a great time laughing and watching the first episode of our new favorite show Outlander.

And now we’re about 1 hour away from 102…. hope you’re watching!



Outlander Sneak Peek: When Randall Threatens Jenny, Jamie’s Fists Fly

Another Outlander clip featuring a flash back of Jamie trying to protect his sister Jenny from Black Jack Randall and the redcoats. He may indeed be the worst!


Outlander‘s Black Jack Randall: ever the charmer.

The reason for the enmity between Jamie Fraser and Frank’s lecherous ancestor becomes clear in this exclusive clip from Saturday’s episode (Starz, 9 ET/PT), which finds Jamie throwing punches to protect his sister, Jenny.

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The flashback shows the origins of Jamie and Randall’s hatred for each other and introduces Laura Donnelly (The Fall) as the redhead’s feisty sibling.

Elsewhere in the hour, Claire meets both the Laird of Castle Leoch — Dougal’s brother, Colum — and the enigmatic Geillis Duncan. And when clan leaders learn the time-traveler is a healer, she becomes a captive in the castle.

Press PLAY on the video below to watch Jamie’s impassioned, if futile, attempt to defend his sister.

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