Outlander/Scotland trip part 5

Day 8 started with my dropping Katie off at the airport and I headed back up to Linlithgow to spend some time on what happened to be the most gorgeous day of the trip.

IMG_6608 IMG_6609 IMG_6614 IMG_6616 DSC01488 DSC01494 DSC01495 DSC01496 DSC01499 DSC01507 DSC01508 DSC01509 DSC01510 DSC01511 DSC01512


After a few hours on my lonesome, I met up with my Glasglow friend Eilidh to spend the rest of my time!

DSC01517 DSC01518 DSC01521 IMG_6617 IMG_6624 IMG_6626 IMG_6627 DSC01524 DSC01525 DSC01528 DSC01529 DSC01531 DSC01533

We took a Glasgow tour bus and saw so much fun stuff! We stopped for tea at the highly promoted Willow Tea Rooms, where I discovered the wonder that is the EMPIRE BISCUIT. My still my heart I am still thinking about them.

We also stopped at the park that Claire ran from the British in the Outlander premiere, and admired some Highland COOS. The most amazing cows there ever will be.

Day 9 – Eilidh took me out to Loch Lomond with her kids. It was such a lovely day hanging out with a local and getting to see some additional sights.

DSC01536 DSC01537 DSC01538

After that I headed back to my hotel in Edinburgh to prepare for my flight the next morning.

I may not be in Scotland anymore but a part of my heart will always remain there. Until I return I’ll carry these memories, and cherish the wonderful times I had there.



7 thoughts on “Outlander/Scotland trip part 5

  1. LeahNahtanha

    Love this! It’s been about 3 years since I discovered the awesomeness that is Outlander (the books, of course), and was so excited to learn that they were making a TV series based on the books, which has proven to be absolutely amazing.
    I have always wanted to visit Scotland, even before reading Outlander, and even more so after; but life is life and, well, you know, 1 husband and 1 child, later… let’s just say things got pushed to the back burner.
    Anyway, this past year, I set a very determined goal of visiting Scotland before I’m 35 (currently 32), and was so excited to stumble onto your blog, not only about Outlander, but your recent travels to Scotland. As a person who does very little traveling (but dreams quite big), and has never done international travel, do you mind if I pick your brain about traveling to Scotland?
    I’ll wait to see if you reply before I throw my million questions at you. Thanks!!


  2. LeahNahtanha

    Great! As I read through your travel section, I was amazed to see that you visited many of the same locations that I want to visit. I never planned this as an “Outlander” visit, but it certainly looks like it’s turning into that as I continue to add more locations. And as the Outlander seasons continue, I’ll probably continue to add more. Just added Midhope Castle after watching the Lallybroch episode.

    I hope this is not too long, and please don’t feel that you have to answer all, or any, of these questions. As I continue to think of things, I might send other replies.

    1) Is driving in Scotland terribly scary? WHEN I go, I want it to be the trip the trip of a lifetime, and I don’t want someone else’s vision of what I should see in Scotland and how long I should see it. So I want to rent a vehicle and drive around Scotland on my schedule and vision. But, of all the aspects of traveling overseas (which I’ve never done), operating the car from the right, driving on the left, and the idea of a roundabout are enough for me to say, “Forget about it!”

    2) Hopefully not too personal, but I can’t just afford to pack up and go, so I have been (and will be) saving for a trip. I want to go within the next 3 years, but have no amount to work towards. Do you have a approximate cost of a visit to Scotland?

    3) I want to stay at as many quaint, authentic Highland B&B’s as possible. Did you stay at any on your visit, and are there some that you recommend? Do you recommend booking all accommodations before the trip or while en route?

    4) Must take with you (Scotland survival kit)?

    5) Locations that need more than one day? Edinburgh? Inverness? Fort William/Glencoe/Loch Lomond area?



    1. taterbug160 Post author

      It is such great fun, Scotland! I went with my best friend and we incorporated a LOT of Outlander locations (that we knew at the time) and then did a lot of other just fun Scotland things.

      1. Driving was not that scary to me. I volunteered to do all the driving in Scotland and though it takes a little getting used to, you WILL get used to it. I don’t like the kind of travel where I’m on someone else’s schedule. Be that on a bus or having to wait for a train. Not being able to get somewhere because we lack the transportation is not something we wanted to run into. The biggest advice I will give you is splurge for the automatic. Do NOT try driving with a stick shift on the other side of the car. After getting over the initial learning curve I quite enjoyed driving in Scotland. Nothing like driving around the Isle of skye on a nice day going at your own pace!

      2. We also saved for YEARS, so good on you! I can’t remember exactly how much I ended up spending, but the flight is obviously the biggest cost. It may be $900 to $1200 depending on where you are flying from and the time of year you want to go. That plus the lodging and food and rental car, it was probably at least $3k. But again, give or take. There are many ways to cut cost if you are willing to be flexible. It depends on what is most important to you. Don’t rent a car, stay at more budget places, forgo the expensive cuisine and eat cheap as well. The exchange rate when we went was BAD at the time so it seemed more expensive just because of that.

      3. We stayed in some seriously lovely B&B’s. That’s all we stayed in actually! I HIGHLY recommend the one in Glasgow – http://www.barrisdale-bnb.co.uk/ – we had an amazing time. We also enjoyed the one in Edinburgh -http://www.pillarshouse.co.uk/ and the one on the Isle of Skye – http://www.drumorell.co.uk/ – You can find so many wonderful places to stay and the people in Scotland are the BEST. I booked all accommodations before the trip as I would have serious anxiety not having a place to stay lined up beforehand.

      4. Avon SSS wipes! The bug guard plus ones. They will protect you from midges which depending on the time of year can be terrible! Also, a good “shell”, or lightweight rain gear. It can get very windy in Scotland so we skipped umbrellas and just used rain gear over our clothes, and we were pretty blessed with good weather. Lots of layers, and at least one pair of waterproof boots/shoes. And most importantly, a good, flexible attitude. Things do not always go to plan, especially when traveling internationally. Be willing to go with the flow and just enjoy the experience.

      5. So this is speaking from personal preference, but I wouldn’t spend too much time in Edinburgh. It was not my favorite city, and though it does have some must see highlights, don’t think you need multiples days there. I WOULD spend more time on the Isle of Skye. It was SO beautiful and I don’t think the time we spent did it much justice. Plus the people that live there are in another class. We spent multiple days in Inverness which I recommend as it’s a good base point for the Highlands. Just a side note – there really is not much going on at Fort William. I wouldn’t stay there. Just pass through it. Loch Lomond was lovely and easily accessible if you stay a couple days in Glasgow, which I LOVED. The only other area I’d try to get a few days in/around is Falkirk and Linlithgow. Linlithgow Castle was one of my favorites, I could have stayed there all day! It’s also close to Blackness Castle, Midhope, and Doune Castle, and not far from Falkland (where they filmed “Inverness” scenes) and Culross (where they filmed Cranemuir scenes)

      Not matter what you’ll have an amazing time! It’s such a wonderful country! Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m no expert but I’m happy to share!


      1. LeahNahtanha

        You are awesome! Thanks for your input! Since I’ve never been to Scotland (or overseas for that matter), your opinion and personal experience works for me.

        I keep rereading about your trip and re-looking at your photos of beautiful Scotland and it makes me want to leave right now!

        Of all the places in Scotland, Edinburgh was on my short visit list to begin with. My plan was to arrive (hopefully) in the morning/early afternoon in Edinburgh, see Edinburgh Castle, walk the Royal Mile, and see the Palace of Holyroodhouse, then head out immediately to see Blackness Castle, Midhope Castle, and Linlithgow Castle. Maybe stay in that area or head towards Stirling before stopping. I am taking a counter-clockwise approach to Scotland, so Stirling Castle, Doune Castle, then Falkland and Culross would be next; maybe a few days to appreciate it all. Finally heading towards Stonehaven (Dunnottar Castle) before cutting across to Inverness. Like you said, I was thinking of staying multiple days in Inverness to see the town and its surrounding area- Culloden, Clava Cairns, Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle. Head to Isle of Skye for a day (or two) before traveling down towards Loch Lomond area to see Glencoe, Glenfinnan, Ben Nevis. Finally ending in Glasgow.

        Since many of the sites I want to visit have Outlander ties, I now need to find a companion who has read Outlander to appreciate the “other” beauty of these sites. I was hoping to take one of my sisters with me, but neither one of them has read the books (I might have to become an Outlander evangelist, like yourself, and convert one of them soon)!

        I will certainly splurge on the automatic! I can barely drive a standard in an American vehicle.

        Thanks for the recommended B&B’s- I will definitely look into those. And your “survival” suggestions, especially about being flexible. I can certainly be flexible during the journey, as long as I know there is a plan for when I reach the destination. So, like you, I would need to know where I am staying at journey’s end, how I get there is the adventure.

        I’m sure other questions will arise as I continue to plan. As long as you don’t mind answering my questions, I’ll keep asking.

        I look forward to your continuing reviews on the remaining Outlander episodes! Can’t wait!


  3. LeahNahtanha

    Okay, more international traveler newbie questions:
    1. Is travel insurance something that I should look into? I’ve read many different accounts on whether or not to get travel insurance. Just wondering if this is something you looked into or took advantage of.

    2. Cell phone usage? Again, I’ve looked into different ways of using an American cell phone internationally- different SIM card, international plan through cell phone company, etc. Your suggestion?

    3. Which car rental company did you use? Enterprise? Budget? Another?

    Thanks again for answering my questions!



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