Episode 105 Rent trailer and clip

Here are the current teases for episode 105: Rent!

10592931_739128459479699_2167328999970368217_n 10593078_739128499479695_7377965982601921394_n 10593092_739128462813032_4858929328653587132_n 10645248_739128496146362_5877094012557786416_n 10660275_739128452813033_7223352984273875560_n


All media belongs to Starz

Rent rent1 rent2 rent3 rent4 rent5 rent6 rent7 rent8 rent9


These photos courtesy of FarFarAway Site. 


7 thoughts on “Episode 105 Rent trailer and clip

      1. taterbug160 Post author

        You’re the best! Thank you! I wasn’t sure if a shawl like that – that was joined in the front (rather than tied or pinned) was called something other than just a “shawl”.

        I have that sensible shawl on my list! I LOVE it.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. atomiclulu

    I think they were referred to as day wraps or work covers. I am sure out there somewhere there is an old english term for the woman’s wrap 🙂 most of my covers simply pin in front with a shawl pin, but I LOVE the wrap/tie Jane Austen version. Makes it super easy to wear over a turtleneck in winter.



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