The great Scotland road trip. Let’s talk about “Rent” Episode 105

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In our fifth episode, Claire takes off with her band of highlanders to go and collect rent from the villages that were unable to make it to the gathering. Dougal leads this group, and we see his interaction away from the castle with his men.

Claire is still trying to plan an escape, and takes opportunities to scope out her surroundings and see where in relation to the stones she really is.

Ok, so that’s what’s going on. Let’s talk about some of the memorable scenes in this episode.


Ned Gowan

Oh what a precious little guy. What else is there to be said for him. Loved him in the book, and the actor that plays him is pretty spot on. He’s a lovely new addition.

The Wool Waulking Scene

My favorite scene in this episode. I loved the singing and I loved the camaraderie of the women with Claire and I even loved the hot piss. Hey, it’s authentic, right?

The Goat Scene 

I think the basically showed what happens when you mess with a hangry Claire too strongly. She fights back. And she’s got claws.

The Shirt Ripping Scene

Though I personally expected a more explosive reaction from my experience reading the books, Sam Heughan’s facial expressions leave you with no doubt of how he really felt about his back being brandished to a group of people. (over and over again)

The Watch and the “Traitor” men

Both the scenes with The Watch and the men trussed up are a sad but poignant reminder of what it actually going on politically during the time (if Jamie’s back didn’t remind you). Claire’s reaction during both scenes mimics how I’d probably feel. Helplessness, anger, fear, revulsion.

Dougal’s Speeches 

The Gaelic speeches by Dougal are numerous in this episode. Numerous and one would argue necessary. It is only later that Claire (and the viewer) realizes exactly what he’s speaking about. Raising money for a jacobite uprising. One that Claire knows is doomed. The Gaelic in these episodes is SO wonderful though, and his passion! Gah.

Frank Flashbacks 

I’m just adding this because I LOVE the extra scenes with Frank. 🙂 Sexy beast that he is.

Eavesdropping on Jamie and Dougal 

Any time we get a little glimpse into what Jamie is truly made of I’m happy. Though couldn’t he punch something a little softer?

Redheaded Door Stop 

Sigh. A scene from the book and the scandalized look on Jamie’s face when Claire asks him to sleep IN HER ROOM is so priceless I just want to squeeze him. “I’ll be right here”. I feel safer already.

Adorable, the both of them.

Standing up for Claire

When her companions defend her honor and Murtagh explains that to her, it links her to them. She sees them in a different light. One of my many changes of heart she has. Suddenly she isn’t seeing them as just her captors, but passionate rebels willing to fight for things they believe in. She even feels comfortable enough to joke with them.

“We can insult ye. But God help any other man that does.” – God I love Murtagh

Culloden Flashback 

Nothing else to say about it really. If you’ve been there, you know. If you haven’t, you should go.

Dougal confrontation and cliff hanger 

Dougal finally gets Claire in a place where he can confront her true motives, only to be thwarted by the arrival of some English officers (including hottie LT Foster). Asked if she is there on her own will, we are left hanging. What will she answer?….


Next weeks Episode “The Garrison Commander” can be watched on Starz this Saturday. It’s promised to have lots of evil BJR goodness. Can’t WAIT!



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