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Starz In Production Now video

I’m stealing the name Starz used for the youtube video because I was just going to title this post “OMGARSH PEOPLE! I HAVE NO WORDS” but lets be honest, I have a LOT of words. Like how much longer until April and seriously how am I going to live that long? Just feast your eyes on this:

Phew. I know right! The wait is agonizing, but we can make it!

Because it’s obviously going to be worth it.


Mrs. Fitz

Newest gift from Outlander/Starz. It makes everything so much more real and rich to have actual food. Though the vegetarian in my cringes a little at the dead birds and pig carcass, it’s authentic to the time and I can try to overlook it.

Mrs. Fitz is such a great character and Annette Badland has really done justice to her. 


New deleted scene from Outlander Starz

I know, more Frank. I know people are sick of Frank. But hey, it’s a DELETED scene.

I personally love seeing added little bits of Claire and Frank’s relationship. I WANT to see exactly what Claire was struggling with when she has to make decisions between these two men. And that means seeing more Frank. So enjoy it! 🙂

The internal dialogue is also great. I don’t think it was really necessary, so it makes sense why it was cut, but interesting to see it all the same.

What did you think of the deleted scene? Enjoy the droughtlander bits?





New Video – I’ve not abandoned you!!

Hey there! *waves* Happy December to you!

I know, it’s a long hiatus, I still haven’t screen capped the last episode that aired, and it’s like I’ve disappeared. I haven’t. 🙂

Starz is doing a 25 days of goodies while we wait so I’ll be sharing what I can of what they post as well! Here’s the latest.

If you’ve read the books, almost all of this little clips make sense to you. I’m most excited about the scene where we Claire being hauled forward with her hands bound, and her telling SOMEONE she didn’t count on loving them. Oh boy. It’s going to get INTENSE once we get back.

How long until April again?