New deleted scene from Outlander Starz

I know, more Frank. I know people are sick of Frank. But hey, it’s a DELETED scene.

I personally love seeing added little bits of Claire and Frank’s relationship. I WANT to see exactly what Claire was struggling with when she has to make decisions between these two men. And that means seeing more Frank. So enjoy it! 🙂

The internal dialogue is also great. I don’t think it was really necessary, so it makes sense why it was cut, but interesting to see it all the same.

What did you think of the deleted scene? Enjoy the droughtlander bits?






2 thoughts on “New deleted scene from Outlander Starz

  1. Julia Mallon

    So glad Claire’s inner dialogue cut. It makes her seem such a cold blooded b….. I think she has tried to be loyal to Frank and she certainly likes Jamie. I think the scene as shown shows both


    1. taterbug160 Post author

      LOL! This is true it makes her seem like she’s manipulative when in the book she really was forced into it and didn’t seem to think so far ahead as to how this could benefit her. So it works better without it.



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