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Interview to share – with Diana Gabaldon

I came across this interview because a friend of mine shared it with me, and I thought it was so good and insightful I had to share it here:

Diana Gabaldon Interview: What makes Black Jack Randall Tick?

Black Jack Randall is one of the most interesting characters I have ever come across while reading. At first you just want to hate him. He’s obviously a twisted sadist, an all around bad dude. But then Diana throws you for a loop with his love for his brother. With his wit and sometimes even charm. I’ve never been able to just 100% hate him. Surely I want to, but Diana makes him so complex an interesting and multidimensional that my feelings about him have to be multidimensional as well.

A note, this interview DOES contain spoilers about some upcoming episodes. But it’s also working to mentally prepare me for just how horrible some of it really is going to be. Not that I can ever really prepare for outright brutality and torture. But a look into Diana’s BJR surely is an interesting one.