Outlander Mid-season Premiere in NYC


My friends, Droughtlander is OVER and it feels so good!

I was lucky enough to get to see Episode 9 with a bunch of other lovely fans in NYC on Wednesday. I took my mom with me, as it was her first big event/fan experience and she had a wonderful time!

We arrived in the afternoon on Tuesday and checked into our hotel which was right next to Time Square. We stood in the pouring rain because it’s TIME SQUARE, got some pizza, and planned to get up early to meet the Outlander street team at Good Morning America for some t-shirts and fun!

photo 1 DSC00008DSC00005


photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 photo 4  photo 2 photo 3photo 1 photo 5 photo 4   DSC00010  DSC00011 DSC00012 DSC00015 DSC00013


photo 2

Oh hey! I made it on Good Morning America! Well, like 3/4 of my face. 🙂

After that mom and I visited Rockefeller center and central park.

photo 3 DSC00026 DSC00025 DSC00024 DSC00031 DSC00030


We even scoped out the event location.


Setting up the Black Carpet!

Yours truly with THE wedding clothes.

photo 1 photo 5


Then we headed back to our room to get ready. Met up with some friends and hopped in line. After a long wait, we were herded through the ticket line and right into a most beautiful sight! Actual costumes worn on set, including the most beautiful wedding dress ever to grace the screen. It was so wonderful to see them so up close.

photo 3


Yours truly with THE wedding clothes.

photo 4 photo 1photo 5  photo 2 photo 3photo 2 photo 5 DSC00033  DSC00035 DSC00036 DSC00034DSC00037  DSC00041 DSC00040 DSC00042DSC00039 DSC00043 DSC00044 DSC00045 DSC00046


Once we made it into the theater we were shown to our seats (6th row, middle!) and waited for the show to start. To avoid spoilers until the episode officially airs, I’ll just say it is probably my favorite of the show so far. It handles some scenes that could so easily be misjudged and criticized and made them so meaningful to the story and make so much sense. Besides that some scenes are just HOT. It’s a sexy show, but it’s also so full of heart and courage.

DSC00047 DSC00049 DSC00051 photo 4 photo 5  photo 5

Once the show was over the cast did a brief Q&A. It was short but the cast was upbeat and witty. Which can’t be easy considering all the press they’ve been doing lately.


DSC00058  DSC00062 DSC00063 DSC00066 DSC00067 DSC00068 DSC00069 DSC00070 DSC00071 DSC00072 DSC00073 DSC00076DSC00074 DSC00075 DSC00077 DSC00078 DSC00079 DSC00080 DSC00081 DSC00082 DSC00086 DSC00085 DSC00084

Are there a lot of pictures of Tobias? I LOVE me some Tobias. In fact, after the show I was able to get a picture and autograph with him. Not the first time I’ve met him, and he was still just as generous and kind. Love him!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1



We had a fantastic night and most importantly my mother had a wonderful first fan event. Spending time with my mother and getting to share something that is so exciting and important to me was so meaningful. She’s the best!

I also want to thank Starz for the swag – including a flask and t-shirt from the street team. Was super fun!

That said, I do feel the need to address that not everyone had a great night at this event. Some people with guaranteed tickets did not make it into the 7pm show, and some people didn’t make it at ALL, even with the 9pm show. I’m not sure what happened, but despite my good time, I want to express my empathy at waiting in a freezing cold line and receiving nothing except a freezing cold line. I’m so sorry if that happened to you. ❤ And I hope that with any new events we attend, we all have a better time.

Now please, enjoy episode 109, The Reckoning!



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