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Episode 112 – Lallybroch – Previews and Clips


Yes, I’m SO behind on my episode reviews and recaps, but they are coming! Can we just be SO EXCITED that tonight we go home to Lallybroch!?!?! I can not WAIT!





Episode 111 – Preview and Clips

I’m out of town so behind on my recap of last week’s episode, but here are the preview’s and clips released for tomorrow’s episode. Which I am SO EXCITED about. Some of my favorite parts of the book!

You can also find another sneak peek HERE.

Geillis is one of my favorite characters because she’s so mysterious (and I have a thing for witches) so I didn’t think I could love her more until LOTTE got cast. Good God that woman brings such an ethereal quality to the role. She’s like a Fae herself.

Outlander Premiere in NYC – April 1st!

Hey guys! I figure I should get this blog back up and running since I’m going to the NYC premiere of the second half of the first season of Outlander!

11046714_839500329442511_6222152066501612182_oIf you didn’t get tickets or aren’t planning on going, you can find details on how to watch here:

10448691_850539915005219_3001632165188073378_oIt’s going to be a great time! If you are there and you spot me, please say hello! I’m taking my lovely mother to this one, and she’s really looking forward to it.

And just to add some more goodness to this post, here one of the latest videos from Starz.





Starz In Production Now video

I’m stealing the name Starz used for the youtube video because I was just going to title this post “OMGARSH PEOPLE! I HAVE NO WORDS” but lets be honest, I have a LOT of words. Like how much longer until April and seriously how am I going to live that long? Just feast your eyes on this:

Phew. I know right! The wait is agonizing, but we can make it!

Because it’s obviously going to be worth it.