Outlander/Scotland trip Part 2

It’s day 3 in our journey of Scotland and after waking up in a lovely place in Glasgow, we head west past Loch Lomond (with my singing the song beautifully and to the admiration of my companion).



Another long day planned, but we first had to drive through the amazing countryside of Glencoe. Where all travelers hearts are stolen and only a trip back can restore those hearts to their owners.

10408703_10100255778375386_8345529955644425358_n DSC01260 DSC01266 DSC01263 IMG_6793[1] IMG_6291IMG_6804[1]

We also stopped at the Glenfinnan Viaduct (for all you Harry Potter fans) and the Bonnie Prince Charlie monument which is right across the street.

DSC01269 IMG_6307DSC01277

This is close to where we boarded our ferry to take us to Skye…

DSC01288 DSC01295 DSC01299 DSC01306 DSC01309 IMG_6336   IMG_6938[1]


Of all the places in the world, Skye may be the place you’ll finally hear the “old ones”, the fairies. We did the big loop around the top of Skye, seeing the Old Man of Storr, the Kilt Rock, Flora MacDonald’s Monument/Grave, Fairy Glen, and finally the Sornaichean Coir’ Fhinn Standing Stones. Skye has so much to offer, that the only regret you’ll have when you leave is that you didn’t stay longer. There are some hidden gems, like Fairy Glen, that take you far off the beaten path. But when you hear that fairy’s whistle, you’ll know you’ve been touched by the Old One’s, and the journey will have been worth it.

Day 4 took us out of Skye and on to Eilean Donan Castle and Inverness.

IMG_6959[1] DSC01311 DSC01313 DSC01320IMG_6378IMG_6380


Eilean Donan is iconically Scotland. It’s easy to photograph and easy on the eyes. It’s massive structure sticks out in the water, and it dares you not to be awed. They also do a great job inside of telling you the history of the place, and there are lots of things to discover as you wander around. They didn’t let us take pictures in one room, but they have artifacts of the Jacobite rebellion, and some of what is claimed to be Bonnie Prince Charlie’s hair.

IMG_6389 IMG_6987[1]IMG_6988[1]IMG_6989[1]   DSC01331 DSC01334


Katie and I had a little fun Urquhart castle, which sits right along Loch Ness. You never know when you may see Nessie…

The castle itself is 500 years old and huge. It’s still standing after all this time and it’s history is bloody.

IMG_6402 IMG_6403IMG_6399 IMG_6407

After a long day we finally make it to Inverness, where we promptly find a Jame Fraser grave. Katie has some mushy peas and we await more adventures.

Part 3 to come…


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